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See what a foreign tabloid wrote about Bishop Oyedepo, his properity teaching and $5 olive oil bottles that promise to cure HIV allegedly sold by his church

Pentecostal megachurches promoting a prosperity gospel, led by millionaire superstar pastors promising economic salvation and HIV cures, are on the rise in Nigeria, a report has said. attended a service of one of the churches in question and charted the growth in an article on Tuesday, noting that congregations are expanding and attracting multitudes to mass events.

One ministry highlighted was that of preacher David Oyedepo, whose Living Faith Church outside Lagos is Nigeria's third biggest Pentecostal church.

"The siege of unemployment is over in your life, the siege of business stagnation, frustration in your life are finally over," Oyedepo promises to crowds of 50,000 people.

The multi-millionaire pastor has a net worth of over $150 million, and is building an even larger church that will have the capacity to seat 100,000 people.

Nigeria is roughly divided by its Muslim and Christian population. Half of its close to 80 million Christians are members o…
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Pastors in China ready to lose their lives for the sake of the Gospel

In the face of an ongoing Communist crackdown, pastors in China have vowed to continue preaching the Gospel, even if it costs them their lives.

Aaron Ma, a representative of Open Doors' Ministry in China, told The Christian Post in an email on Thursday that the watchdog group has so far heard of one case of Bible burning in the country.

"In this case, the authority confiscated belongings of the churches (including Bibles) and burnt them all," Ma said.

The incident, where Communist Party officials burned Bibles and crosses in Henan, was captured on video and shared online earlier this month by activists, including ChinaAid President Bob Fu, whose group monitors the persecution of believers in China.

Concern has also risen over instances where state officials have been forcing some Christians to sign papers rejecting their faith.

Ma relayed information from local Chinese pastors who revealed that the people pressured to sign such papers are secondary school students.

Controversial Ghanaian pastor says he has seen Adam and Eve personally

Founder and leader of [MG] International Godsway Ministries , Bishop Daniel Obinim is back in the news again and this time around he has said it without a shame stated that he personally knows Adam and Eve, the great-grandparents of all humans and like always it will not come as a shock to anybody.

The pastor who is counted among the controversial pastors in Ghana for his actions and feud with other pastors, as well as top personalities in the country, made this revelation in a live interview on [MG] Soul TV .

According to [MG] the outspoken pastor, he knows Adam and Eve and that Jesus took him to the spiritual realms and showed him Adam, Eve, Abraham and Moses.

The [MG] TV host who could not believe his ears and doubted the man of God’s pronouncement quizzed the ‘Angel’ by stating that "You are saying this on a live TV, people are watching".

[MG] Bishop Obinim reiterated his point by stating that “the Adam and Eve that God created and died a long time. I saw them. I k…

Want to get rid of bad breath?

If you’ve tried everything and still suffer with foul-smelling breath it can be extremely embarrassing. Luckily there is a cheap and natural cure that could permanently help get rid of the pong - ginger.

New research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, has found that ginger stimulates an enzyme contained in saliva, which can break down foul-smelling substances. As a result, our breath also smells better.

Ginger teas can also be effective at fighting the embarrassing problem.

Ginger actually has multiple uses. It is an effective form of pain relief, a remedy for stomach upset, aids weight loss and balance blood sugar level.

Bad breath (Halitosis) can be a sign of gum disease, food trapped in the mouth or a side-effect of smoking. But if your breath smells like rotting fish you could be suffering from tonsillitis.

Beyoncé's ex-drummer accuses her of witchcraft

Kimberly Thompson, a drummer who played in Beyoncé’s band for seven years, filed a lawsuit and requested a restraining against the singer due to a long list of offenses including “extreme witchcraft”.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Thompson accuses Beyoncé of the following:
“Extreme exhaustion, magic spells of sexual molestation, loss of many jobs, theft of homes, large losses of money, theft of computer, extreme theft of intellectual properties, the murder of my pet kitten, magic spells on my lovers and numerous broken relationships.” The lawsuit also alleges that Beyoncé has been monitoring her, tapping her phones and controlling her finances.

Going through the allegations in Thompson’s lawsuit, one word instantly came to mind: Gangstalking. Here’s a quick definition of it:

Though relatively unknown, “Gang Stalking”, also know as “Organized Stalking” and “Cause Stalking”, is a covert protocol of harassment and torture which is widespread in California and around the …

Two believers murdered for refusing to recite Islamic statement of faith

Some horrific news is emerging out of Kenya after two Christians were murdered in cold blood by militants belonging to Islamic terror group Al-Shabaab.

According to International Christian concern, last Friday, a group of militants stopped a bus that was headed for the North Eastern province city of Garissa. 

The terrorists then ordered the passengers of the bus before demanding to see their identification, in order to try and determine which of them were Christians and which were Muslims.

When the murderous group suspected that three of the passengers were followers of Jesus, they separated from the group and demanded that they recite the Islamic Statement of Faith. But when two refused, they were tied up and immediately executed.#

The birth of this red Heifer is a pointer that an end-time prophecy is about to be fulfilled - Temple Institute

The Temple Institute, a religious organization dedicated to “every aspect of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem”, recently announced the birth of a completely red heifer in the Holy Land – the first one in the last 2,000 years – which is an essential element of a biblical prophecy that theologians believe will bring about the second coming of Jesus and Judgement Day.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the events leading up to the apocalypse should play out like this: Jews would return to Israel after 2,000 years – the Holy Temple would be rebuilt – billions of people would perish during seven years of natural disasters – the antichrist would rise and rule the world – the battle of Armageddon would commence somewhere near Israel – Jesus would return to defeat Satan’s armies and then preside over Judgment Day. 

The Jewish people may have returned to Israel, but in order for this prophecy to move forward, a perfectly red heifer is needed.

The red heifer is mentioned in Numbers 19:2: “Spea…

What do you see?

Suicide doesn't condemn a Christian to Hell - pastors, others speak up

Kayla Stoecklein, widow of late Inland Hills Church Lead Pastor Andrew Stoecklein, who died after attempting suicide at his church last month, says she is confident her husband is in Heaven despite the enduring "myth" that suicide victims are condemned to Hell.

"This is a common misbelief about suicide and it breaks my heart. I'll be the first to admit prior to Andrew's death I may have actually believed it to be true," Kayla, 29, wrote.

"I remember leaning over to my mother in law, Carol, in the hospital room as my husband lay there dying, whispering through my tears, 'Will he go to heaven?' She quickly reassured me, as I am confident now: whether you are accepted into heaven or not has nothing to do with how you die. The only way we are accepted into heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus," she said.

Albert Y. Hsu agrees that the idea that Christians who commit suicide are condemned to Hell is a "misconcepti…

Catholic parishioners say this statue looks 'transexual' (Photo)

Catholic parishioners in Colombia have decried the way the statue of the patron saint looked after restoration at their parish. They have been voicing their dissatisfaction with the results of restoration work that left a statue of San Antonio de Padua looking “like a homosexual”.

The wooden statue, dated from the 17th century and located din the town’s main church had recently been badly damaged by termites, so the church commissioned an artist to have it fixed and repainted. 

Unfortunately, the results of the restoration didn’t please parishioners, many of whom took to social media to complain that the statue looked too effeminate. Some even called it “a saint of modern times, a transexual saint”, because of all the makeup applied by the artist.

A parishioner said, “He is no longer the same patron that I have prayed to for the last 12 years, they applied eye shadow, blush and even gloss on his lips, he looks effeminate."  

Another demonic game, Momo challenge, emerges

There is said to be a new suicide game in town called the Momo challenge. 

Remember the suicide game 'Blue Whale' which was linked to the death of dozens of young people around the world and the players were required to perform a series of exploits for 50 days with the ultimate challenge being suicide? The Momo Challenge is reminiscent of it.

The Momo Challenge has been spreading in several countries across the world, leading police forces to warn parents about the potentially dangerous effects of this disturbing game. It is the latest social media phenomenon that leads unsuspecting teens into a world of violence and pure darkness.

How it works:

“Players” are challenged through Whatsapp and Facebook to contact Momo at an unknown phone number. The teens are then ordered to perform a series of dangerous tasks. Failure to do results in repeated graphic threats that include:  Making personal information public, harming family members or casting evil magical curses. 

These th…

Ghanaian prophet admits to adultery; says women are his greatest temptation

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, founder and leader of True Fire Prophetic Word Ministries has confessed that he has cheated on his wife several times in the past because women are his biggest weakness despite being a man of God.

In an interview with Blakk Rasta, Prophet Nigel Gaisie revealed he has ‘fallen’ several times to temptation from women but now he tries as much as possible to stay focus and ignore women who worry him.

He said:
“Women are my biggest temptation. I am married with a child but I have fallen for these temptations several times. Now I try as much as possible to stay focus and ignore the temptations”.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie added that the anointing and grace of God help him to stay focused during such difficult times. He added that whenever the temptation comes, he chooses the reputation of his future and his mission as a prophet and do all he can to ignore despite the fact that it’s a very difficult thing to do for him.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie was also asked by Blakk Rasta i…

This pastor uses cuss words when he preaches

A controversial Memphis pastor, Pastor Thaddeus Matthews, who has drawn millions of views with his messages online by punctuating them with profane words, says he really doesn't "give a da*n" what traditional Christians think of his practice.

"I find no reason to try to justify that. I'm a fisher of men. I go to people on their level. And you have to get past the cussing to get the message. The cussing has drawn the attention of millions around the country. Apparently, it's drawn yours because you're calling me," he said.

The 61-year-old, who is unmarried, also caused a stir earlier this year when he posted a photo of himself on Instagram resting his head on the covered chest of a woman he described as a fan.

Come October, Matthews plans to take his message to the streets in what he calls "The Bullsh*t From the Pulpit Tour." 

Late evangelist Billy Graham's daughter has cancer

Anne Graham Lotz has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Lotz, 70, discovered that she had cancer during the afternoon of Aug. 17, three years to the day, and during the same time of day, when she discovered that her now late husband was unresponsive in their pool. He died two days later.

"When I realized the strange 'coincidence' of the timing, I came to the chilling conclusion that it was an assignment from the enemy. But just as that thought was forming, I heard the soft, gentle whisper of the Spirit, reminding me that it was on a Friday, during that very same time ... between 3:00 and 3:30 in the afternoon ... that God's Passover Lamb was sacrificed."

She added: "So I am left to worship and totally trust our God who is ultimately in control. Of everything."

Lotz asked for prayers for God to heal her in "whichever way He deems would bring Him the most glory," whether with or without surgery, "or through the greater miracle of the…

Mysterious house oozes oil and ash from its walls; reputed to have healing powers

A 3-bedroom home in the suburbs of western Sydney has now gained a reputation as a “miracle house”. 

Ash and oil leak from its walls in such a way that is reportedly “beyond science”.

The homeowners, George and Lina Tannous, believe that the allegedly unexplainable phenomena are a sign from God and that they have also granted the house miraculous healing properties. 

According to the pair, their house has the amazing ability to help other couples become pregnant, even in cases where they have received medical confirmation that pregnancy would be impossible. There is even one instance of the house reportedly curing a woman’s cancer.

The mysterious oil first appeared in 2008, after George and Lina’s 17-year-old son, Mike, was killed in a car accident. They believe that the oil is a manifestation of their son’s spirit, and claim that over the years it has written his birth date on the walls using the oil, as well as a variety of Christian religious symbols.

“My son’s spirit is …

Woman wants to start a family with a ghost

This woman, a spiritual guidance counselor who claims to have had up 20 sexual encounters with ghosts over the last decade says she has started something serious with a ghost who followed her back to the UK from Australia.

While she is not able to see her ghostly lover, she says she is able to communicate with it and also engage in intercourse. While she is not able to say for certain if the ghost is male or female, she believes that the connection between the two is genuine.

“One day, I was walking through the bush, enjoying nature, I suddenly felt this incredible energy. I knew a new lover had arrived,” the 30 Y-O woman called Amethyst said. 

“It’s pretty serious, in fact we have been thinking about having a ghost baby. I know that sounds crazy but I’ve been looking into it and I don’t think it’s totally out of the question.”

Amethyst believes that it is possible for some women to be impregnated by ghosts, but because the human body and mind are not able to properly process …

Snapchat dysmorphia: People now doing plastic surgery to look like the filtered snapchat version of themselves

In the past, plastic surgery patients would bring in photos of celebrities to show their surgeon what they wanted to look like, but in recent years, this is becoming less common.

Patients are now more likely to present surgeons with their own selfies that have been enhanced using apps such as Snapchat or Facetune. 

It has been suggested that wanting to look identical to your perfected Snapchat selfies is a new psychological phenomenon scientists are calling “Snapchat dysmorphia”.

According to a doctor: “A new phenomenon called ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ has popped up, where patients are seeking out surgery to help them appear like the filtered versions of themselves.”

The term Snapchat dysmorphia comes from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Sufferers of BDD are obsessed with their perceived physical flaws; these flaws may not necessarily be visible to others. It seems that social media may be leading to more people suffering from these kind of issues. 

*Interesting... We have become …

What do you think about FEMINISM?

Tell me, what do you think about feminism? For weeks now I have been trying ever so hard to put my words together concerning my thoughts on feminism and this morning I woke up and I had to whip out my note pad and started punching in my thoughts which I want to share with you. I believe feminism is rebellion against the natural order of things and God put things in place the way they ought to be because He knows, in His infinite wisdom, how best things will function.  He didn't create a woman less than the man or the man to lord over the woman. No. That's a lie. Man was built, created, equipped to function in the capacity as the head of a woman 'in his home'. Please take note of the words 'in his home'.
Just like in every organization, there is a structure. You can't have two captains in one ship. If you do, there might be a problem with the functioning of that organization. There's always an overall head who is 'qualified' to be in charge…